the After Dreaming animated art music video

A step forward with the animation of my hand-drawn art.

I am proud to present Version 2 the After Dreaming animated art music video. In this endeavor, I use several of my small ink drawings from sketchbooks and journals. Many of them are in ballpoint pen, the first instrument of my artistic renaissance back in 2010 in Baltimore, when I would sit at the end of the bar in The Depot and do live drawings to the rhythm of the incredible bands that played there. These drawings are scanned at ridiculously high resolution and used as epic elements in a moving ink landscape which waddles to life like a newborn giraffe. Someday this beast will be tall and elegant, but this video, and The After Dreaming Video: Version 1, are its fledgeling incarnation.

After Dreaming. From the album Shadows In Sand.

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