A New Chapter of Weird Creativity

Every ending is a gateway to what’s in store next as much as a retrospective of the weird journey of creativity that brought us here.

2015 has been one such gateway for me. I have taken my artistic life for granted as much as I have struggled to believe that I could really do this for a living. It’s my passion, and believing such a thing about one’s passion is what we are trained to dismiss. So I took for granted the fact that some bright future was waiting for me, and I could hide from the present. It’s a classic pattern of avoidance, and I am declaring my intention to transform that negative energy into positive creative force this year.

Apparently I’ve been on a path…

From validation in the form of encouragement from my co-workers, who noticed my office meeting doodles and enjoyed seeing me draw, I began the process of doing. I drew, without permission or financial incentive, and I realized I couldn’t stop. The biggest mystery I saw initially, in 2010, when I started drawing again, was what had kept me from it for so long. But one way or another, it was the beginning of my personal renaissance as a fine artist.

Ballpoint pen drawings gave me a surprising amount of creative dynamic. The ink is sticky and translucent, providing incredibly fine control using a conventional office pen. You can go incredibly small, or create a cloud of lines and marks to form the illusion of a universe of detail, like the great Rembrandt or Giacometti. The beauty of the mark has a sort of ultimate authority, for it is the ultimate manifestation of physical phenomenon and expressive mark at the same time.

I used this philosophy as I grew into different drawing media and began painting in acrylics on canvas again, and the joy of growing these bizarre, wildly cerebral marks into a new composition is beyond my words to express.

A great milestone for the new year

My work currently graces the walls of Alcheme Salon in downtown San Francisco. These prints are available for sale from the salon or from me directly, and will continue to be available after they come down at the end of February 2016.

Montage of prints on the walls of Alcheme Salon.

My Current Series

I am working on a series of photographic remixes, the first few of which have received tremendously positive feedback. I can’t wait to show them, and if you sign up for my emailing list, you’ll hear all about it when I do!

Well, stay tuned for more, and be sure to check out my originals, prints, and t-shirts! Happy new year my friends.

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