Accelerating Evolution

New branches of my artistic exploration grow like some time-lapse video of a plant as it speeds through days and weeks of growth. So it has been all year.

I imagine there are powerful connections between growth spurts and hurt, loss, injury and disruption. When the connected global conversation of the world-wide internet reacted in waves of harmony and cacophony to the deaths of so many beloved artists in rapid succession, our creative paths were undeniably affected.

My series of photographic remixes, intended to be completed by the beginning of 2016, is defining its process in much longer spans of time. I have created three prototypes, each a chapter of the development of the series’ form and technique. After these, the rest may take a much more uniform format that draws from the strengths of these three.

Rita DamBook, Ophelia Coer de Noir, Trixxie Carr

Rita Dambook Remixed Ophelia Remixed

I am excited by the potential to accelerate the completion of this series now that I have defined the exact approach. My next eight, in their digital phases now, are going to explode into physical reality.

In other branches of artistic life this month:

Short Works by Dan and Mick poster

I was commissioned to draw and design a poster for an independent theater production here in San Francisco. What a cool thing to contribute to! I drew my inspiration from the rehearsal footage in the production’s IndieGoGo campaign video. In fact, you still have a chance to contribute, and my poster is the base prize 😉


I have sold a new original painting, entitled ‘Birds.’ More original art is for sale on the home page of


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– Eddie

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