My Art Animated: Wings for the Mind’s Eye

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art.

Years ago I started on a path toward teaching myself to animate my hand-drawn art for the screen. I didn’t know what the exact context would be, but I set a foot forward on this new and challenging path. A few interesting and trippy projects later, I have a fifteen-minute silent animation that is both beautiful and twisted, grand and microcosmic at the same time. I have had a version of this piece used by the rock band Gold Minor for onstage projection during their live performance. Here is my YouTube playlist of their live performance clips with my projection. Please note how awesome this band is.

Alone, the silent projection piece stands as a junction of past, present and future for my creative work.

The path to here

My first video animation pieces were to my music, starting with “After Dreaming”:

Then I got more ambitious and created this beast, to “Comfort Cage,” another song from the same album (which I composed in 2011 – you can check it out here):

What will I create next in this vein? I’m looking forward to sharing the answer with you in 2017!

Until next time,
peace, love, and twisted inspiration to you all.

– Eddie


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