Magnificent Miscellany

Some artists have a very consistent, straightforward path in their work. Mine is quite the opposite. This year I’ve worked on some truly magnificent miscellany thanks to the commissions I’ve been tasked to create along with my gallery shows and series.

Short Works by Dan and Mick poster

Short Works poster

I made an original drawing for a dance/theater show and did the graphic typesetting as well. Theater Bombastia and AK Arts in San Francisco brought us this brilliant and unique performance.

Jarod Remixed

Portrait of Jarod Flores

This talented musician commissioned me to create a photographic remix of him for his solo album. Taking my own photos, I used the techniques I learned and developed in my Photo Remix series to create this weird and distinct portrait.

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art.

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art. In this image are digital layers from “The Dream State Converses With You.”

Gold Minor projection video

It was my true privilege to create an animated video of my art for a projection to be used in live performances by the excellent rock band, Gold Minor.

The Endless Spiral

This is an extension of my visual art in musical form – The Endless Spiral was the music to a bizarre and beautiful live performance of many of my art models at the opening for the Visual Remixes show. In the following weeks I plan on editing the video and sharing it with you.

My music in the Shocktoberfest video trailer

I lent some of my dark, creepy ambient music to be used in the video trailer for Shocktoberfest, an annual performance of the Thrillpeddlers Grand Guignol Halloween show in San Francsco.

Where to go from here?

I want to do more video and commissions, and use this year’s work and explorations as a natural stepping stone toward even bigger and better creative works. I can’t wait to share them with you. Thank you again for being part of my journey. If you wish to support me, please consider becoming a patron of the arts at my Patreon page!

Peace, love, and twisted, joyful inspiration to all.

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