Here’s what I’ve accomplished this year

Truly, it has been a rewarding path and I am grateful for the opportunity to give you so much original expression and creativity. My hope is to get funding from you and other interested art, music, and video lovers to make more amazing work.

I’ve made an epic animated projection art piece for the San Francisco rock band, Gold Minor.

I’ve finished a groundbreaking series of photographic remixes turned into original drawings and paintings, bringing together the worlds of drag, burlesque, performance art, dance, experimental music and visual art. The series culminated in an art opening where most of the subjects of my series coalesced in a truly surreal experimental performance piece to a 24-minute abstract space synthesizer musical piece that I composed.

I’ve created illustrations and portraits for musicians and performers.

I’ve recorded an album of original music and am nearing completion and the official name-your-price release on Bandcamp, a web site platform where musicians can sell directly to their fans.

I have contributed graphic design services to the local San Francisco creative performance scene, often as a donation or trade as many worthy performers just don’t have the budget that they deserve. I like to help them where I can.

For this year, I’ve fulfilled my prime directive: which is to learn far more than I contrive. Now the mission to give the world creative inspiration continues…

If this inspires you, please consider becoming a patron of my work at I would like be able to afford to continue doing what I do and giving back to the world through my art.

Thank you. Peace, love and inspiration to all.

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