A Preview of 2018: Drawing, Music, and Animation

The recent projects I’ve been involved with have pointed me a direction that fuses my disciplines into big new creations this year.

Music as a mirror to visual art, motion woven from still drawings and paintings, abstract expressionism born in footage and brush marks, remixing in the digital and analog realms, and letting the higher dimensions intersect in our world as best they can through the flow of the art.

Here is a quick but generous preview of what I’ve been up to, including commissions from supporters and collaborators – and what I’m working on now: Click to watch on YouTube.

One other tease

The human canvas and cosmic inspiration that is my friend and collaborator Bella Badonkadonk is back in my art again. You’re going to see much more where this came from soon:

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Bella as the human canvas

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As always, much love and twisted inspiration to all. Happy 2018!


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