About Me

My name is Eddie Rifkind. I am a classically trained fine artist. I am an untrained “musical fine artist”. I am a self-taught video editor.


I have been drawing since i was a child. It always started as an excursion that I and my imagination took together to escape. I used to be deeply inspired by fantasy and science-fiction, and when my own fine art emerged as a more abstract and expressionistic style, I kept those fanciful influences in my heart.

I received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland in 1994. Then I took a huge left turn and delved into the worlds of music and computer graphics while constantly weaving a deeper, richer and more audacious visual art style.

As I worked in professional graphical environments to pay the bills, the nature of ballpoint pen doodles emerged as the second skin of my artistic direction. The arbitrary freedom I found quickly merged with my love of making fine art to grow into the current style I work in. The evolution continues ever onward 🙂

When not drawing or otherwise creating (or working), I enjoy rocking out to various weird music, dancing, playing with my friends’ cats and dogs, consuming chocolate, and playing guitar. I currently live with my wife in San Francisco, CA.


My Music Page

Since the early ’90s, I’ve been influenced by my life’s eclectic musical experience, including the likes of Faith No More, The Legendary Pink Dots, Brian Eno, Ministry, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Phillip Glass, The Residents, 12 Rounds, The B-52s, Aphex Twin, Dead Can Dance, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, Buddy Guy, Bauhaus, Tool, Machines Of Loving Grace, Portishead, Talking Heads, The Cure, Bjork, and countless others. I like to deconstruct musical ideas. I like to create visually inspiring music. I completely subscribe to the idea of art for art’s sake. I also love to rock.

Artist Statement

Rising as much from inspirations such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Giacometti as the semi-blank canvas of sanity-maintaining doodles in office meetings, my journey into frenetic, fantastic, surreal line art reinvents its subject matter as an armature. I violate the light and shadow I love so much with the arbitrary and free intensity of ballpoint pen and digital manipulation. Sometimes I remix the original drawings by taking them digital, outputting them at large scale and using them as the first layer of a new painting.

The truth of the art manifests as the expressive, physical quality of the mark and its interaction with accidental and purposefully contrived shape, form and movement. It is the aesthetic of the representative abstraction; the illusion of detail, the interplay of the medium with itself and the surface it lives on.


I have learned a lot from technology in both my day jobs and my personal experimentation. My recent experiences with timeline-based animation, effects and editing have expanded my work into a new dimension while bringing together my creative nodes of visual fine art and experimental music together.

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