Tendons of Consciousness

Filaments, connections, tendons pull through the our consciousness from within and outward again, giving back to the multiverse as the earth does to the sky when lighting ‘strikes’ and unleashes volleys of electrons up into hungry storm clouds. Colored pencil on paper. 14″ x 11″

Tendons of Conciousness

Blue Creature

Threads of astral consciousness unravel and recombine in this blue creature, a colored pencil drawing on Stonehenge paper. 12″ x 11″

Blue Creature

Eddie Rifkind: Artistic View Behind Human Consciousness

Interview by Jennifer E. Smith-Williams

Q: Do you consider yourself an abstract expressionist with both your fine art and music?

A: Definitely. My art really indulges in the tension between representation and abstraction. I’m fascinated with the implication or illusion of a context. I try to do the same thing with my ‘audio paintings,’ as I like to think of them. Just like the images being used as a subject for abstraction, the musical form has some expected or implied structures, which I can then really mess with. That violation of form, I think, expands the musical expression beyond the dimension it lives in, to a new frame of reference. Sort of like the science/fiction metaphor of ‘punching through the fabric of time and space to a new universe.’ I think that metaphor is spot on regardless of scale or context; when you work with a specified art ‘form,’ you are within the confines of your dimension. Continue reading

The Dream State Converses With You

This piece began as a ballpoint pen drawing and a graphite drawing that were scanned and manipulated digitally, with the addition of digital hand-painting. This composition is outstanding in a lightbox, on a clear surface, a clear-backed frame or in a window. Light coming through it adds a special dimension to the piece.

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The Dream State Converses With You

the After Dreaming animated art music video

A step forward with the animation of my hand-drawn art.

I am proud to present Version 2 the After Dreaming animated art music video. In this endeavor, I use several of my small ink drawings from sketchbooks and journals. Many of them are in ballpoint pen, the first instrument of my artistic renaissance back in 2010 in Baltimore, when I would sit at the end of the bar in The Depot and do live drawings to the rhythm of the incredible bands that played there. These drawings are scanned at ridiculously high resolution and used as epic elements in a moving ink landscape which waddles to life like a newborn giraffe. Someday this beast will be tall and elegant, but this video, and The After Dreaming Video: Version 1, are its fledgeling incarnation.

After Dreaming. From the album Shadows In Sand.