Shooting Star: A New Fine Art Music Video

Shooting Star is a brand new fusion of my original fine art, special effects animation, and my original experimental music. Please enjoy, and buy the music at!

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A Preview of 2018: Drawing, Music, and Animation

The recent projects I’ve been involved with have pointed me a direction that fuses my disciplines into big new creations this year.

Music as a mirror to visual art, motion woven from still drawings and paintings, abstract expressionism born in footage and brush marks, remixing in the digital and analog realms, and letting the higher dimensions intersect in our world as best they can through the flow of the art.

Here is a quick but generous preview of what I’ve been up to, including commissions from supporters and collaborators – and what I’m working on now: Click to watch on YouTube.

One other tease

The human canvas and cosmic inspiration that is my friend and collaborator Bella Badonkadonk is back in my art again. You’re going to see much more where this came from soon:

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Bella as the human canvas

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As always, much love and twisted inspiration to all. Happy 2018!


Magnificent Miscellany

Some artists have a very consistent, straightforward path in their work. Mine is quite the opposite. This year I’ve worked on some truly magnificent miscellany thanks to the commissions I’ve been tasked to create along with my gallery shows and series.

Short Works by Dan and Mick poster

Short Works poster

I made an original drawing for a dance/theater show and did the graphic typesetting as well. Theater Bombastia and AK Arts in San Francisco brought us this brilliant and unique performance.

Jarod Remixed

Portrait of Jarod Flores

This talented musician commissioned me to create a photographic remix of him for his solo album. Taking my own photos, I used the techniques I learned and developed in my Photo Remix series to create this weird and distinct portrait.

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art.

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art. In this image are digital layers from “The Dream State Converses With You.”

Gold Minor projection video

It was my true privilege to create an animated video of my art for a projection to be used in live performances by the excellent rock band, Gold Minor.

The Endless Spiral

This is an extension of my visual art in musical form – The Endless Spiral was the music to a bizarre and beautiful live performance of many of my art models at the opening for the Visual Remixes show. In the following weeks I plan on editing the video and sharing it with you.

My music in the Shocktoberfest video trailer

I lent some of my dark, creepy ambient music to be used in the video trailer for Shocktoberfest, an annual performance of the Thrillpeddlers Grand Guignol Halloween show in San Francsco.

Where to go from here?

I want to do more video and commissions, and use this year’s work and explorations as a natural stepping stone toward even bigger and better creative works. I can’t wait to share them with you. Thank you again for being part of my journey. If you wish to support me, please consider becoming a patron of the arts at my Patreon page!

Peace, love, and twisted, joyful inspiration to all.

My Art Animated: Wings for the Mind’s Eye

Screen Shot from a video project incorporating my original art.

Years ago I started on a path toward teaching myself to animate my hand-drawn art for the screen. I didn’t know what the exact context would be, but I set a foot forward on this new and challenging path. A few interesting and trippy projects later, I have a fifteen-minute silent animation that is both beautiful and twisted, grand and microcosmic at the same time. I have had a version of this piece used by the rock band Gold Minor for onstage projection during their live performance. Here is my YouTube playlist of their live performance clips with my projection. Please note how awesome this band is.

Alone, the silent projection piece stands as a junction of past, present and future for my creative work.

The path to here

My first video animation pieces were to my music, starting with “After Dreaming”:

Then I got more ambitious and created this beast, to “Comfort Cage,” another song from the same album (which I composed in 2011 – you can check it out here):

What will I create next in this vein? I’m looking forward to sharing the answer with you in 2017!

Until next time,
peace, love, and twisted inspiration to you all.

– Eddie


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Art Opening: Visual Remixes

Eddie Rifkind: Visual Remixes. On display July 16th, 2016 at The Box Factory, 865 Florida Street, San Francisco CA 94110

I have been creating these weird and wild fine art remixes of photographs from the depths of San Francisco’s drag, burlesque, and queer creative subcultures for over a year now. My art opening is upon us, friends! Celebrate the opening of this exhibit with a bizarre music and interpretive stage performance before you set out to that Saturday night club, show, or soiree.

The music:

The development: Accelerating Evolution

The details:

Saturday, July 16 at 4 PM – 8 PM

The Box Factory
865 Florida St, San Francisco, California 94110

FaceBook event page:

Entry is free of charge.

Take a look in person at these 15 astounding and challenging visual creations. Purchase original art, prints, or pre-orders to fit any budget and wall. Open your mind, and fly on over to experience this show.

Facing the Face

The facets of this artist’s obsession with the sentient face.

Notice I didn’t specify human. What are we beyond our current simian form? Something more akin to the infinite multiverse that we’re made of, methinks. As my drawings deconstruct the personal visage of self-reflection, self-awareness and identity, patterns of habit appear in the drawings of this artist.

This is the original drawing. Black ink on paper. 3" x 5". In the private collection of Mark Adley.

This is the original drawing. Black ink on paper. 3″ x 5″. In the private collection of Mark Adley.

This is the digital scan and photoshop re-tooling of the small drawing to bring out depth and subtlety through the use of translucent layers.

This is the digital scan and photoshop re-tooling of the small drawing to bring out depth and subtlety through the use of translucent layers.

Printed out and varnished, then drawn and painted over with Conté crayon and acrylic paint.

Printed out and varnished, then drawn and painted over with Conté crayon and acrylic paint.

I have two primary ways of depicting the face: straight on, like the 2002 drawing Cubisto, a keystone of my re-entry to the world of art. This frenetic yet minimalist black ink drawing informed my exploration of the world of expressionist art from that point forward. Whenever I drew after creating Cubisto, I knew the realm I was working in, and I have been blessed to be able to expand it as the years have passed.

Face In Frame

The other angle, and a very common one, is the yearning visage looking upward to, from, and within a quantum expressionistic cloud of lines and marks that comprises much of my style. From earlier works such as Face In Frame, to new pieces in my current series of photographic remixes, the power of the semi-candid isometric view of the iconic persona or being in each of my pieces is as much a mystery to me as to my viewers. It’s a dark cerebral imaginiationscape we can explore together.

But as the visual ebbs and flows, so does the breath of musical inspiration fill the negative space of time for me. I have recorded new music this winter and it’s available at my music page and on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure.

I can’t wait to update you on the new music I’m composing to be ‘paired’ with the visual art this year! Until then, happy post-Valentine’s week, my friends. And remember, there’s a coupon code (TYRPUZ) for my online print shop for 20% off until the end of February.


the After Dreaming animated art music video

A step forward with the animation of my hand-drawn art.

I am proud to present Version 2 the After Dreaming animated art music video. In this endeavor, I use several of my small ink drawings from sketchbooks and journals. Many of them are in ballpoint pen, the first instrument of my artistic renaissance back in 2010 in Baltimore, when I would sit at the end of the bar in The Depot and do live drawings to the rhythm of the incredible bands that played there. These drawings are scanned at ridiculously high resolution and used as epic elements in a moving ink landscape which waddles to life like a newborn giraffe. Someday this beast will be tall and elegant, but this video, and The After Dreaming Video: Version 1, are its fledgeling incarnation.

After Dreaming. From the album Shadows In Sand.