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A Classic Returns

hysterical laughter t-shirtHysterical Laughter, an ink drawing i made in 2009, has become one of my beloved t-shirt designs. A face locked in that beautiful laughing-but-about-to-snap moment… ah, what a relatable image. I decided to tilt the canvas to preserve the composition while making our friend’s face vertical. A perfectly balanced imbalance to express your beautiful madness!

Here is my blog post about the original drawing!

Third Eye Swirls. Third Eye Swirls t-shirt   |   Third Eye Swirls hoodie

Third Eye Swirls t-shirt and hoodie by Eddie Rifkind Art

Muse on a Shirt

Buy the Joyful Klown design, the Kitty ink drawing, and other Eddie Rifkind Art designs on t-shirts or other clothing. Click around and see all the stuff available to put my art on!

These two new designs are available from, and you can order them here:

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